Our Top Seven Festival Tips For This Summer

People sometimes ask me, I'm going to my first festival, what should I take with me? I like this type of question as after being on the festival circuit for many years as both traders and punters, we kinda know what we are talking about (or we hope we do!).  

The British festival season generally happens from May to September, with a few early or late ones either side. This year because of the restrictions we are starting in late July and hopefully going through to September. The great British weather can throw anything at you, and whilst we hope for idyllic calm summer days with a gentle breeze, it can go from roasting hot with no shade to a total mud bath. And that includes the river running through your tent.

1. ESSENTIALS! Let's start with these. Refillable water bottle or two, basic first aid kit that also includes paracetamol and re-hydration remedies, baby wipes, dry shampoo and sanitiser. Not forgetting sun cream, insect repellent for the evening and bite cream. The insects don't half love me and there's nothing worse than having sore, itchy bites and no soothing remedy.  I also recommend incense sticks, as the insects generally hate any sort of smoky fragrance. The clasic Nag Champa is a festival favourite, actually in fact any incense on a stick will do.

Our festival incense selection

2. LET'S GET PERSONAL. Only take what you can afford to lose as it's unlikely your tent will be safe from thieves. For your phone, I strongly recommend you put it into a waterproof case and keep it on you at all times.  Location apps such as Find My on Apple are great, make sure your friends can connect to you and vice versa. The reason I mention the waterproof case is not only to save it from the weather, but you do hear from time to time of people who have been to the loos and it has been dropped down into the pit below because it fell out of their back pocket.......

3. CAMPING. Apart from the obvious tent and sleeping bag, handy stuff to have includes a lightweight super absorbent towel that dries quickly and a waterproof bag for your clean clothes, wellies, bin bags (no-one likes litter bugs) and duct tape because that mends practically everything.

4. GET FLOATY! A festival wouldn't be a festival without some ladies floaty boho clothing. Choose lightweight fabrics and go for layers to suit the weather and accessorise!  We call our range 'Seriously Fabulous' and we have it made exclusively for us.


5. FANTASTIC FLEECE! Fleece is so versatile at a festival because it's warm yet lightweight. In an evening it can still get pretty chilly even in the summer, and especially at the more northerly events. We have shawls, unisex ponchos and one size baggy trousers in funky colours and patterns.

6. STAY COOL. In hot weather it's easy to think that less is more, but if you have a lightweight cotton shirt it will protect you from the sun and avoid the lobster look. Hats are also key to keeping the sun .. and rain ... off!

Cotton shirts and Hemp hats

7. AND FINALLY .. STAY SAFE. Go around in gangs of three if you can, that way you're less likely to be a target for anyone hassling you.

We really really hope we can have an enjoyable and safe festival season for this year, and we hope to see you out there soon. Thanks for reading!

Louise x